Steve Holland: A Coaching Survivor

Steve Holland worked under one manager at Crewe for 17 years. At Chelsea he’s had six managers in seven years. Each of these managers has had a different style of leadership and a different playing philosophy yet Holland has survived. He’s a modern phenomenon. Here’s what he’s experienced based on my notes taken from a talk given to the UEFA Pro Licence last year.

Steve Holland Coaching Survivor

Team Secrets of Sky

Sir David Brailsford came to Saint George’s Park to work with the FA UEFA Pro Licence in October 2015. He described some of the processes used to fulfil three Sky Cycling aims:  to win events with a clean British rider, to link inspiration and participation and have one million more people cycling in the UK and to win the Tour within 5 years as a publicly stated goal. All are now complete. Sir David identified three broad areas which successful teams do well. Here they are.

Sir David Brailsford on Teams

Managing the Media

The higher the manager goes in professional football the more time he or she will spend dealing with the media. Football managers have to win as many battles off the pitch as on – and the media will tell their story whether the manager likes it or not. Jobs are won and lost 20 minutes after the match finishes. Here are some tips from work with professionals on the UEFA Pro Licence.

Managing the Media


Mentally Tough Coaching Staff

How positive are you and your team? A short summary of key messages for Coaching staff drawn from work with professional players. Success is the consequence of effective leadership, disciplined preparation and play alongside a positive performance environment. Staff need to perform together as a team. Here are some ideas to help.

Mentally Tough Staff

The Football Tacticians Zoo

I developed the Animals Teams following an input I listened to from a talent scout who was talking about balance in your squad, succession planning and recruitment based on a philosophy of play.

I decided that many coaches and most young players would get tongue tied too easily talking about existing personalities but if we asked them to select their match winning squad from animals and organise them into a formation to play against a named elite team then maybe we would get more energy into the discussion.  Over the last ten years I’ve seen the animals in clubs large and small around the country. Legends!

Animals Teams


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