My Recent Presentations

Whole School event on Developing Growth Mindset

I worked with a large school on developing a Growth Mindset at three levels: school, staff and students. The outcomes for the day included an action plan agreed by the staff for taking developments forward. Working in twelve groups of eight staff we generated outcomes on sheets of A2 for each level which were laid out on the floor and collated. Here is the research I collated beforehand, the main resource and a selection of the slides.

Growth Mindset Research Growth Mindset Resource Cards Holly Lodge on Growth Mindset

Head Teacher Conference

This was a relaxed event with the leadership teams of a local cluster. Head Teachers July 2015

World Class Education

Slides from a series of regional seminars in England during 2014 and 2015 I talk about defining World Class, then testing for it, benchmarking against leading thinking around learning, teaching, teacher development and technology. World Class Learning Regional Tour

Teachers as Trainers

This is a one year development programme for teaching staff who have a training and development role in their school. The two resources are the outline programme giving details of each Module and the Presenter-Developer Competency Framework which is used to structure and deliver the programme. Here is the programme  Teachers as Trainers Programme and here are the Competencies Competencies – web version

Association of Medical Educators Europe

This was a one-off presentation of 45 minutes in Prague. It took place in a building which dated back to the Communist years. As I waited behind the curtain to walk on I wondered how many Cold War leaders had stood in the same place nervous before going out to speak to the masses. It was the largest auditorium I had ever been in. The audience the biggest I’d ever spoken to, about 3,000. For the first time I noticed that whenever I put up a slide with an academic reference attached about 200 IPads would go up and pictures would be taken. It was an odd event. The slides are attached. AMEE 2013 (NXPowerLite)

Overcoming the Shock of the New

The public launch of the Learning Landscape model. A talk in a conference about life after levels – not that I know or knew a great deal about levels. Osiris Manchester

Experts and Novices

Experts and Novices from 2013. A talk given to the March 2013 Expert CoverConference on the nature of Expertise.  There is a substantial and fascinating  body of work which rewards the background reading. Worth looking at Gary Klein’s books on Decision making. Here are my slides from the keynote Expert and Novices Berkhampstead 2013



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