Step UP DVD set for Secondary Schools

We produce high quality DVD for schools to use for staff development. We have separate Primary and Secondary School DVDs and we provide free downloadable samples on our YouTube site. To view the samples from Step Up click on the YouTube link at the top of this page.


You will find the contents of Step UP detailed below

Step Up – DVD One Contents 

  1. Four different discussion panels of teachers focusing on specific aspects of Outstanding including:
    • Developing Independent Learning
    • Improving Peer and Self-Assessment
    • Giving Effective Written Feedback
    • Keeping up to date with Subject Knowledge and Skills
    • Making Learning Relevant
    • High Quality Professional Development
    • Lesson Planning
    • Improving Student Engagement
    • Preparing Students for Tests and Exams
    • Creating a Calm and Positive Ethos for Learning
    • Challenge and Differentiation
    • Measuring Progress
    • Motivating Students
    • Using Performance Data

2. Guidance from the Leadership of the six schools.

3. Additional strategies for Outstanding Lessons – ten different teacher interviews on further aspects of their teaching including:

    • Publishing Whole Year performance outcomes
    • Measuring Progress
    • Active Engagement
    • Designing better learning activities
    • Making learning relevant
    • Enhanced use of exercise books to improve feedback and self-assessment
    • Co-operative learning and group work

Step Up – DVD Two Contents

Excerpts of Outstanding Lessons including interviews with teachers and students. Each of 20-25 minutes duration.

  • Religious Studies: Year 10 at Saint John the Baptist School focusing on differentiating challenge, problem solving and independent learning.
  • German: Year 9 at Saint John the Baptist School focusing on measuring progress. and self-evaluation.
  • English: Year 7 at Farlingaye High School focusing on activating prior knowledge and questioning strategies.
  • Maths: Year 8 at Farlingaye High School focusing on modelling understanding.
  • Maths: Year 9 Maths at Paddington Academy focusing on paired and group discussion and modelling understanding.
  • BTEC Business Studies: Year 11 at Paddington Academy focusing on securing relevance and using learning outcomes.
  • Religious Studies: Year 7 at Paddington Academy focusing on differentiation, active engagement and questioning strategies.
  • Drama: Year 7 at Altrincham College of Arts focusing on measuring progress, learning outcomes and peer evaluation.
  • Science: Year 7 at Cramlington Learning Village focusing on problem solving and independent learning, consolidation and transfer.
  • History: Year 10  at Cramlington Learning Village focusing on prior knowledge and prediction, using learning outcomes, modelling understanding and measuring progress.
  • Maths: Year 7 at Cramlington Learning Village focusing on active engagement, differentiation and peer evaluation.
  • English: Year 9 at St Thomas More focusing on measuring progress and group work.

Find out what Paddington Academy Students think about great learning and teaching. 

What makes a great lesson? What keeps behaviour positive? What do do great teachers do? What makes a great learner? Talented, open and honest young people sharing their experiences. Paddington Academy is a non-selective state school serving its local community and helping transform the life chances of the children in its care. 

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