To be an entrepreneur turn off the telly!


If you were to ask a sample of young people what they thought an entrepreneur was, where would they go for their answer? Most likely one of two places, both television programmes .The Apprentice or maybe Dragons Den.

That’s a lot of telly – over 230 episodes – devoted to fostering business ‘talent’. At least it would be if that was what the programmes were about. Neither programme is really about delivering talent. They are more about delivering audiences. And for young viewers that’s a problem.

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Assessment: Tinkering doesn’t Transform


To radically transform our education system for the better we should think again about how we assess and recognise the performance of our pupils. It’s the big idea no-one seems willing to deal with. Our current methods are narrow and archaic, at odds with what we know about learning, and in denial of the real worth of technology.  Arguing endlessly about life after levels is tinkering. Tinkering, endemic in our approach to educational change, deflects from any radical change.

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In Search of Character

In May of this year Education Secretary Nicky Morgan invested more than £500,000 in a schools project which, despite the best intentions, is doomed to fail. It will fail not because of the partners who are involved, the monies being spent or the schools selected but because you cannot ‘do’ character as an after school-club, a series of motivational speakers or as a team sport.

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