Trust Bonds – Lessons from Leading High Performing Organisations.

The Inspiring Leadership Conference Keynote









I delivered a keynote for the 2017 Inspiring Leadership Conference in Birmingham in June. In my role with the Football Association I had an opportunity to work with a number of successful organisations and individuals from different fields. I wanted to look at what, if anything, they had in common and what they could tell us about leading successful schools. I arrived at the view that there were structural and behavioural similarities and that the success of each organisation in what were very different, yet highly demanding, environments was predicated on high levels of trust.

I had visited a number of schools in 2011 and for the talk I revisited them in May 2017 to find out what remained and what had been abandoned. The best schools retained some of the original core practices. I also visited or worked with several individuals and organisations including Kevin Roberts of Saatchi and Saatchi, Sky Cycling, Innocent Drinks, Les Miserables, London Air Ambulance and Warburtons Bakery.

I wrote it up in a booklet called Trust Bonds: Leadership Lessons from High Performing Organisations which summarises the findings. Please feel free to make copies for your colleagues. Full colour Booklet for Inspiring Leaders Conference

The slides for the presentation are here Inspiring Leaders Keynote

A new, and more detailed, book with the same title – Trust Bonds: Leadership Lessons from High Performing Organisations – is due later this year.

A Skills-Based Approach to Yrs 7 and 8

The development of a skills-based curriculum built around student choice at Honywood School, Essex. This is an ongoing piece of work where I act as a facilitator and critical friend to a school based improvement group. The group have been tasked with updating the school approach to developing what have been known as the ‘Hony’ skills and making them more accessible to staff and students alike.

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Gaining more from Teaching Interventions

Gaining more from Teaching Interventions at UCL Academy Swiss Cottage. This work was designed to help the school focus down on what matters most. It took place over several visits. During the first visit leadership and key staff worked together to identify the Interventions with Impact which were six in total and each of which we defined, described what it meant, specified why it was needed and detailed how it was to be developed.

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Teachers as Trainers.

The picture above is of the most recent Teachers as Trainers efforts to typify the audience for their in-school development work. Teachers as Trainers is a modular professional development programme to develop teachers as trainers, presenters, facilitators and coaches. It enables participating staff to be able to lead professional development in their own and other schools. The current group of twelve with whom I’m working are split between Primary and Secondary Staff.

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