A Skills-Based Approach to Yrs 7 and 8

The development of a skills-based curriculum built around student choice at Honywood School, Essex. This is an ongoing piece of work where I act as a facilitator and critical friend to a school based improvement group. The group have been tasked with updating the school approach to developing what have been known as the ‘Hony’ skills and making them more accessible to staff and students alike.

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Gaining more from Teaching Interventions

Gaining more from Teaching Interventions at UCL Academy Swiss Cottage. This work was designed to help the school focus down on what matters most. It took place over several visits. During the first visit leadership and key staff worked together to identify the Interventions with Impact which were six in total and each of which we defined, described what it meant, specified why it was needed and detailed how it was to be developed.

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Teachers as Trainers.

The picture above is of the most recent Teachers as Trainers efforts to typify the audience for their in-school development work. Teachers as Trainers is a modular professional development programme to develop teachers as trainers, presenters, facilitators and coaches. It enables participating staff to be able to lead professional development in their own and other schools. The current group of twelve with whom I’m working are split between Primary and Secondary Staff.

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