What’s your icy shower?

Once in a while you experience, see or hear things which set you back and make you think. These moments don’t happen often and are never to any sort of formula. They are infrequent in life but have a resonance beyond the moment. What then follows is often a period of personal dissonance, where your everyday assumptions and the behaviours which go with them, are questioned.  Things feel uncomfortable for your for a while. You begin to question your motives and ask if what you do, day on day, aligns with something purposeful.

The landscape of our lives provides births, deaths and rites of passage each with their own little questions and answers nudging us along – but what would it be like to get up every day of your life knowing that what you were doing consumed all of your hopes and dreams and answered all your questions? For some, maybe most, such moments never occur and larger questions are never asked, never answered.

Meeting people who have this strong purpose can be as invigorating as standing in an icy shower. I haven’t met this guy, Mickey Smith, but I’ve listened to him speak and what he said stopped me in my tracks. This short video works for me like an icy shower. It sends the equivalent of thousands of volts straight down my spine. It gets me out of bed and asking the questions. It washes away the self-doubt that can transfix. Judge for yourself…


“If I only scrape a living, at least its a living worth scraping…” Mickey Smith, 2011