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I am a part-time Director of Education for Frog Education. Frog creates innovative educational technology and learning software. Frog has over 12 million users world-wide. Our vision is to ensure that every child who uses our products has an opportunity to access a world class education. We enable teachers to teach every child as if they are the only child they teach.  My role is to ensure that the technology is shaped by an understanding of learning.

“Technology does not drive change, it enables change. Its people who are the drivers”

As part of my role for Frog Education I’ve developed a model for change management in schools. The model has Seven Steps and shares similarities to Kotters model. Our seven steps are:

  1. Envisage
  2. Orientate –
  3. Engage
  4. Landmark
  5. Launch
  6. Test and Adjust
  7. Maintain

Here’s the slides of my 2016 BETT presentation on The Seven Steps to Change Management. Video on request! alistair Changing Minds In addition we also created an infographic which provides the detail of each of the Seven Stages. Contact us should you wish one.


A driving force behind the principles of our learning programmes which now have global reach.

Kate Lewis, former Commercial Director, Frog Education

Alistair is a key player in our aspiration to use technology to help teachers teach every child as though that child was the only child.

Gareth Davies, CEO Frog Education
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