My Recent Presentations

BETT 2016 Managing Change: A Step by Step guide

A PPT Slide show with accompanying 8 minute video based on the experience of two schools and an infographic. Slides, film and infographic here. Slides alistair Changing Minds

BETT 2016 World Class Education: Benchmarking Against the Best

In this presentation I cover: defining World Class; asking the right questions, benchmarking against World Class performers, the signature features of World Class Schools and educational thinkers to follow,

The movie! A short – 30 minute – talk in front of largely foreign audience at 4.15 on a Friday afternoon in London. Filmed including me singing from Les Miserables. Worth the entrance money in itself. BETT 2016 World Class Outline Slides


BETT 2015 World Class Performance Tracking

A shared presentation about talent and how we recognise it. I used the Great British Bake Off as the central metaphor.  The floor was shared with Billy Downie of Streetley Academy. BETT 2015 Outline Slides

Leaps of Knowledge Malaysia Conference

Big, brash, slightly mad conference in Kuala Lumpur with a comparison between the Malaysian model for developing schools and those from around the world.  The front two rows were politicians, business people and academics. The next fifteen rows – Malaysian teachers looking at me in confusion.  Here’s the slides. Leaps of Knowledge Conference 2014

Head, Heart, Health and Heroics

A presentation for Frog 2015 on developing character in schools. Very topical then and now.  My premise was:

  1. Define what we value in young people and…
  2. Use technology and data to amplify what we value.
  3. In what we do and measure, be genuinely respectful of young people.
  4. Integrate ‘character’ development into the everyday work of schools.
  5. Learn to move onwards by looking inwards and outwards (and never waste a good crisis).

Have the slides! Head, Heart, Health and Heroics

Big Data from BETT 2014

A presentation shared with Billy Downie of Streetley Academy where the slides are only part of the story. I talked about algorithms and how they might change the face of education and the data that we wrap round ourselves. Billy talked about some of the surprising benefits of data use in his school. Big Data Final (NXPowerLite)

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