My Partners

I work with Associates, Partner Schools and Organisations whom I trust and who share the same values.


In the field of education, individuals who are flexible enough to operate with and alongside classroom practitioners whilst having the whole school perspective are rare. Where they do exist, they are already in schools! In professional sport, especially football, there are very few who break in to the industry without first having had success there.  The associates with whom I work are trusted, experienced professionals who bring a freshness and energy to what they do.

Partner Schools

A partner school is a school with whom I have had an enduring relationship and, I like to think, a positive impact on the lives of staff and students. Here are some examples:

  • Fife LA: working on the Fife Year of Learning project with eight schools from some of the most challenging communities in the authority

    Here I am with Oli Thomlinson, inspirational Head Teacher

  • UCL Academy, Swiss Cottage: developing high impact teacher interventions
  • Honywood School, Coggleshall: developing a skills-based curriculum built around student choice and whole school use of IPads
  • Walbottle Community Campus, Newcastle: helping them move out of category
  • Cramlington Learning Village: co-developed programmes and approaches to learning since 1997. Now working with their Teaching School Alliance.
  • Chafford Hundred Campus: helped with in-service, learning reviews and development of independent learning since 2006
  • St John the Baptist, Woking: helped develop the – now viral – SJB 10 in 1997 and been back ever since!
  • Association of Heads and Deputies Scotland: providing a national ‘tour’ in different regions of Scotland during March 2015
  • Paddington Academy: seconded the, now very successful, Principal after she worked with Alite in 2006.



Here is a sample of ‘fellow travelers’


There are a number of small UK companies whom we recommend and who develop high quality products which are used with success in schools. we have no commercial connection with any of these companies!

  • FrogTrade: developers of learning platforms for schools
  • Smartassess: forward thinking web based learning tools
  • Iris: in class lesson observation and review using video
  • Vivo: motivational rewards systems
  • 4Matrix: whole school data analysis
  • IamLearning: student-friendly learning games


Books I’ve authored

  • High Performers: The Secrets of Successful Schools, 2011
  • The Brains Behind It: New Knowledge About the Brain and Learning, 2002
  • Accelerated Learning in the Classroom, 1996

Books I’ve co-authored

  • Learning to Learn in Practice: The L2 Approach with Mark Lovatt and John Turner,
  • Winning the H Factor: The Secrets of Happy Schools with Sir John Jones and Joanna Reid,
  • Accelerated Learning: A Users Guide with Derek Wise and Mark Lovatt,
  • Help your Child Succeed: with Bill Lucas
  • Coaching Solutions: with Will Thomas
  • The ALPS Approach: with Nicola Call

A selection of books I’d recommend

  • How people Learn: John Bransford, Ann Brown and Rodney Cocking
  • Thinking Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman
  • Imagine: how creativity works, Jonah Lehrer
  • Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us, Daniel Pink
  • Visible Learning: John Hattie
  • Visible Learning for Teachers: John Hattie
  • Evidence Based Teaching: Geoff Petty
  • Inspirational Teachers, Inspirational Learners: Will Ryan
  • Oops! Helping children learn accidentally: Hywel Roberts
  • Good to Great: Jim Collins
  • Getting Smart: how digital learning is changing the world, Tom Vander Ark
  • Talent is Overrated: Geoff Colvin
  • Mindfulness: Ellen Langer
  • Self-Theories: Carol Dweck
  • Five Minds for the Future: Howard Gardner

– and one for the footballer in you, Inverting the Pyramid: Jonathan Wilson